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· Paret Two(二) ·

9. Describe an advertisement you    recently saw or heard.

You should say:

When and where you saw/heard it;

What was advertised;

What the contents of the advertisements    were;

And explain how you felt about it.


Sample Answer:

I want to describe a public service advertisement for you today. I sawthis advertisement on the subway station when I waited for the subway lastyear.


This advertisement was really impressive for me. Though I saw it oneyear a, I could still remember what was advertised. The theme of this ad wasabout the protection of wildlife on the earth.


This ad was represented by one of the famous celebrities in mycountry. It mainly described the alarming decreasing number of northeast tigersand sharks in China. In order to make much illegal profit, huntersindiscriminately slaughtered these wildlife, which largely influenced thebalance of ecosystem and brought the severe consequences for all the humanlives. General citizens were strongly called on by the celebrity in this ad.The slogan of this ad, no deal, no kill, really left a quite deep impression onme.


As for me, I was deeply touched by this public service ad-- not onlybecause of its factual evidence, but also for its real meaning. After I saw itin the subway station, I felt quite regretful about the shark fin I ate and thefeather products I bought. Although I had known such kind of illegal behaviorsin our daily lives, I hadn’t have any awareness of stopping doing that. Butwhen I saw this ad, I thought it was the high time forme to do something. At least, from myself at first. Even though I am a smallpotato in the social public, I still believe that little contribution can makea big difference.





10. Describe a place you often visit

You should say:

Where this place is

When you like to visit this place

What you like to do there

And explain why you often visit this    place


Sample Answer:

Xiao man, the western-style restaurant, ahouse restaurant, 200 meters away from my compound is the place that I on aweekly basis. This is actually quite a unique western restaurant for it doesnot reside in any big department store or fancy plaza but locates in thevicinity of different communities where there live more than 5,000 people. I’msure one of the reasons that this restaurant thrives is the regular customerbase from this area.


I often visit it on my day off, usually onMondays. There’s a perk about coming here on Mondays that I’ll have half of therestaurant to myself because everybody is working. Once in a while though, Iinvite my friends to dine here. They all love it! The food here is simplyamazing. The chef is a Spanish, so seafood paella is a must-have. Surprisingly,the chef makes wonderful durian pizza which is my second favorite.


The thing I like most about this place isits music. The owner has great taste in music. You can hear soul, rock, bluesand the kind of music selections that you can’t get in other similarrestaurant. I often work and write to the melodious songs. I often talk aboutmusic with the owner for we both like Pink Floyd and Eric Clapton. We not onlytalk about the impact such music has brought us but also the life stories ofmusicians who made terrific music. Such conversations always make my day! Ontop of that, the decoration just beats so many restaurants. The philosophy,less is more, marks every furniture. The tables and chairs are extremelysimplistic with the touch of in-season flowers like lotus, chrysanthemums.These flowers never give out strong fragrance so as not to disturb the flavorof the tasty meals.



fancy(精美的、别致的)这个词是描述地点时很常用、很地道的一个形容词,你可以说fancy restaurant 或者fancy hotel等等。


11. Describe a famous inventor or a musician

You should say:

Who this person is

What this person does

And explain why you think this person    is creative


Sample Answer:

I would like to talk about the one and onlysinger in China, Faye Wang. She is no doubt the most talented and talked aboutsinger in China, even today, when she neither releases albums nor givesconcerts, she remains one of the most popular singers!


Since her primary school, she began to showher talent in singing and has won many awards in a lot of music competitions inher school life. Her life changer took place in 1987, after she t enrolled inXiamen University, one key university in China, she immigrated to Hongkong withher father to pursue a music career. Knowing what she actually wants makes herthe person she is today. After four years, she releases her first album Stillthe Old Sentence after which she became the most liked singer in Chinese musichistory, repeating the success of her own idol, Deng Lijun. However, famebrought her trouble and she even said in the press interview that herbiggest trouble was that she was too popular. Apart from her music career, sheis a devout Buddhist and es on pilgrimages to Tibet on a yearly basis. Ithink this belief in Buddhism makes her special for she was never too muchinfluenced by her popularity which many celebrities can’t handle in theirheyday.


Her life choices, her music style and herreligious practice all make her a creative person. One more thing that marksher creativity is her incorporation of other international music styles. Forexample, she drew inspiration from The Cranberries, an Irish alternative rockband, the Cocteau Twins, a Scottish band and Bjork, an Icelandic singer with acelestial voice. These three influences defined her music style that later inher career she was known for her celestial voice and ethereal music style. 



press是一个经典的熟词辟义。除了我们熟悉的“按、压”之外,press还可以做名词,意思是“媒体”。这个词在描述“名人”话题的时候很常用。你可以说press meeting (新闻*会)。


12. Describe someone who is od at cooking


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